April 8th should have been the Installation meeting of the Lodge of Happiness no 7952 – to install Bro Philip Williams, Master Elect. So as not to let the date go by without some recognition, Lodge Secretary W Bro Mike Willetts asked Brethren to send in a photo of themselves at #TimetoToast 9:00 pm which could be shared amongst Brethren. W Bro Avtar Panesar, the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, who was due to preside at the Meeting, was also invited to join in the fun!

As you will see from the collection of photos assembled below W Bro Avtar kept up the standards of our great Province – by getting fully dressed in his “tails” for the occasion!!

However, what this little bit of fun unearthed was a story that some might find of interest…………

When one of our Fellowcraft, Bro Sagar Pengyater sent his  #TimetoToast picture in remembering each other on Wednesday 8th for the “missing” Installation Meeting it became obvious to Bro Secretary that Bro Sagar was not “home in Birmingham” – so he enquired more.

Bro Sagar Pengyater had made a trip back to his home town of Rajkot, in the Gurjarat region of India, in March. Subsequently, we have learnt the he was due to return to the UK on 2nd April in time to be invested as Inner Guard at the upcoming meeting. However, with India going into three weeks lockdown during his visit his flight was cancelled and he remains with his family until he can be put on a flight back to the UK with the 70,000 other UK Citizens stuck in India.

Bro Sagar remains safe and well, and here is the interesting twist to his story………….. Bro Sagar’s family have been Caretakers and Butlers to the Lodge of Kathiawar no 59 under the United Grand Lodge of India for well over 100 years – none of them previously becoming a Freemason.

The Lodge of Kathiawar was originally consecrated in 1901 under the United Grand Lodge of England with the name Lodge Kathiawar No. 2787 EC. In 1906, the Grandfather of Bro Sagar, the Late Mr Bhagvanjibhai Pengyater was appointed as Butler. After his death, in 1962 Bro Sagar’s Father. Mr Harishbhai Pengyater was appointed as Caretaker of the premises with the family living on the same site as the Masonic Building – with the complex becoming young Sagar’s “playground”.  

You can see from the additional photographs sent from Bro Sagar that his “home” is a beautiful and wondrous building in Rajkot – steeped in colonial history.

Our Fellowcraft has been making his Daily Advancement through this difficult period in supporting the masses of Rajkot and the surrounding areas that are in a position less fortunate than him and his family. Bro Sagar has also asked it to be known that if anyone knows of someone that may also be stuck in Rajkot and is in need of food and support to send them to the Temple – as they have more than enough to go around.



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