It may be of interest – it may not, but here are few stats for our first 1/4 since we launched our website.

To date we have had three enquiries for more information – two were about joining the Masons and or our Lodge.

Our search engine profile has steadily improved. Of the 40+ key phrases and words we are monitoring we now have a visibility of 36% on the range of search engines. This compares to 39% for UGLE and 16% for the Province. Our Google pagerank has risen to 1 from 0. We rank in 1st place for 13 of our key phrases. 24 key phrases rank in the top 3 and 37 are in the top 10. To date we have had 850 unique visitors, who have visited 2500 times, viewed 42,000 pages and produced over 200,000 hits.

So far I would have to say we have gotten of to a good start but with plenty of room for improvement yet.


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