The brethren Lodge of Happiness take their commitment to improving their knowledge of Freemasonry very seriously. So a standard item was added to the agenda of our Lodge meetings, entitled: ‘Daily Masonic Advancement.’

Pythagoras' Theorum
At our last Installation meeting, an explanation of the symbolism associated with the Past Master’s Jewel was given. The Jewel includes a graphical representation of Pythagoras’ theorem. 

The explanation included a demonstration of how the Egyptians oriented their temples in an East – West direction, by constructing a right angled triangle at the north east corner of the Lodge, using a length of rope.

As we build up to our 50th Anniversary Festival, Daily Masonic Advancement talks planned for the coming months include:

October 2011: An Insight into the Second Degree Ceremony and Tracing Board
November 2011: Daily Masonic Advancement; What is it all About?
January 2012: What Should We Tell Prospective Candidates?
April 2012: Masonic Symbolism


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