Yesterday, The United Grand Lodge of England – UGLE, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales, published an independent report into ‘The Future of Freemasonry.’  The report was commissioned as part of the build-up to the United Grand Lodge of England’s tercentenary in 2017. “The Future of Freemasonry” report is the first ever independent study conducted by a non-Masonic body, the highly respected Social Issues Research Centre – SIRC. (The report is embedded below.)

gsec_radiowmNigel Brown, the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England since 2007, is leading the plans for the tercentenary celebrations. Nigel has embarked on a series of interviews as part of a national and regional media tour. Nigel was interviewed by Joanne Malin on BBC radio WM and Danny Pike for BBC radio Sussex.  If you would like to you can ask Nigel a question about Freemasonry on the BBC website. The questions and his answers will be published by the BBC on Wednesday, the 14th of March.

Commenting on the report Nigel said:

“This is just one step in our ongoing efforts to demonstrate our openness and transparency, and to inform people about the role we play in society.

“The tercentenary is a significant milestone for Freemasonry and while we’re keen to celebrate our first three hundred years, it’s also crucial that we look forward to ensure that we remain relevant and continue to grow our membership over the next three hundred.”

The report is a commentary on the moves to open up Freemasonry over recent years, perceptions of Freemasonry internally and from a public view point.  ‘The Future of Freemasonry’ report is included below.

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