Last night Brethren of the Lodge of Happiness Initiated their second candidate to come via their website.  Leon Dixon joined Tony Sylvester as a website candidate initiated into the Lodge of Happiness. Tony became a Freemason last November. As an Entered Apprentices they are both now taking their first steps on their Masonic Journey.

Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Gary Evans, presided over a wonderful initiation ceremony that was enjoyed by the Brethren and their Brother Visitors alike.

Entered Apprentices who asked How to be a Freemason

Leon Dixon (left) on the occasion of his initiation, Presided over by Worshipful Master W.Bro Gary Evans, joined by Tony Sylvester, our previous website candidate

For W.BRo. Gary the meeting represented the culmination of his year as Worshipful Master…. At our next meeting in April W.Bro Mike will take over the Worshipful Master’s chair, as the Lodge of Happiness begins their Golden Jubilee Year. However, W.Bro. Gary also had a third cause for celebration on this special night – Gary became a joining member of the Lodge of Happiness at the February meeting 31 years ago. Joining his Father’s Mother-Lodge. W.Bro. Gary’s mother Lodge is Barr Beacon Lodge No. 6109 where he was Initiated into Freemasonry in 1981.

If you are interested in What does a Freemason do or How to be a Freemason then there is a wealth of information on our website. If after reading you are interested in joining then please contact our Secretary, who will be happy to assist with your questions. To become a Mason you only need to ask.


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