The Lodge of Happiness, which meets in Birmingham, has launched a new website. The site has been created with the simple aims of publicising the Lodge, explaining what Freemasonry is all about and encouraging new members to join.

Commenting on the launch, Stewart White, the Worshipful Master or Chairman of the Lodge, said: “We believe that it will show the wider public what our values are and let them know about the good work we do to help those less fortunate than ourselves”

“In launching the site, we are also issuing an open invitation to men of all faiths who would like to develop themselves in a supportive, friendly environment, and help society in the process.”

He concluded by noting “Our Lodge certainly lives up to its name; you won’t find a happier place to become a Mason.”

Anyone who would like to approach the Lodge with a view to joining is welcome to contact us via: or by telephoning Stewart on 0845 474 7952.

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest fraternal secular organisations; its members are drawn from all faiths and backgrounds. It’s an organisation of men who believe that the worth of a man can be measured, not by wealth or by fame, but by his deeds, his character and by his love for others. Freemasons follow the principles of Brotherly love, relief and truth, pledging to uphold moral and ethical values in all aspects of their lives.

The website includes information about the Lodge of Happiness, Freemasonry in general and what a Freemason does. In addition there is information about the charitable work Masons do to help those in need and why Freemasonry is relevant in today’s society.


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