Tonight the members of the Lodge of Happiness gathered to initiate our first internet candidate into the Lodge. A joyous occasion for any Lodge and roundly celebrated by all those in attendance. However the meeting was also another poignant occasion – the previous day Lodge members had attended the funeral of our own W.Bro Bernard who passed away the previous week. Coming so soon after the passing of W.Bro Arnold, the Lodge has now lost two great, valued and beloved members of the Lodge in short order.

Having such a joyous occasion as welcoming a new member into our Lodge certainly lifted the spirits. Our new made Brother Tony had an excellent evening and thanked Brethren for the warm welcome he had received from the Lodge of Happiness.

All being well we should welcome two more candidates into the Lodge in the new year.

If you are interesting in how to be a Freemason, would like to know more about us or how you can join us, then please contact the secretary or give us a call for more details.

On the night Brethren raised over £300 for Marie Curie Cancer Care, a charity close to Bernard’s hearth. A similar amount was raised last month for Arnie’s charity, the National Memorial Arboretum



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