Helen Steps up to the Welly Wanging Oche

This afternoon the Lodge of Happiness held their annual ‘summer’ BBQ with guests, partners, friends and relatives. Obviously we are using the word ‘summer’ in its loosest sense after we have all witness the wettest April, May and June on record. Thankfully the 1st day of July showed a little more promise, just. The rain mostly held off, with the sun putting in a welcome appearance for the second half of the afternoon.

The Worshipful Master, Steve (right) makes a presentation to BBQ hosts Helen and Alastair

Everybody enjoyed a fabulous afternoon with good company, food and particularly the welly wanging competition. The longest throw was just short of 20m and the shortest… -5m scattering the onlookers with howls of laughter. £180 was also raised for the Birmingham Settlement.

More photos can be viewed in the Little Chef & Master Chef2012 BBQ photo gallery.


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