Owing to the continued demand and interest in joining us we have moved our website to a new host. Our old hosting was capping out […]
The Lodge of Happiness website has a lot of useful information, which has been widely praised by visitors to the site. However, our theme was […]
Some time ago a Provincial Map of Warwickshire showing the Province and the location of the Masonic Temples within the Province was added to our […]
Whilst hits is a rather nebulous and imprecise way of measuring a website’s performance, it was still gratifying to see that our site passed the […]
As we are always keen to improve our users experience, we have now added support for optimised viewing on Smartphones to our website. This is […]
In December the Lodge of Happiness saw its biggest monthly visitor numbers since we started our website. During December the visitor numbers grew by 7%, […]
Since our website was launched in September last year we have seen it go from strength to strength. Widely acclaimed for its clarity, comprehensive content […]
With our website fast approaching its first anniversary it is perhaps timely to share with you some facts about how our site is performing. Over […]
We are please to announce that the off the shelf embedded link to Google Maps has be replaced by using Google Maps API (V3). This […]
It may be of interest – it may not, but here are few stats for our first 1/4 since we launched our website. To date […]
Rather than just having a plain list of resources to other websites we are adding a reviews section. This section will include website, magazine, book […]
After several tweaks of the site to get the look in order, there remain a few wrinkles in the content to iron out. Provincial Grand […]
This temporary site is in the process of migrating to it’s principle domain name. The site will go live at it’s permanent home, once the […]