Grand Lodge Certificate presentation

Provincial Grand Master, David F Macey, presents Brother Colin R Bennett with his Grand Lodge Certificate, in the prescence of newly installed Worshipful Master, Stephen K Tector

Last night, the Lodge of Happiness No. 7952 celebrated their 300th Regular Lodge meeting, a significant milestone in a Masonic Lodge’s history – their first regular meeting was back in the summer of 1964.

Coupled with the 300th celebrations, the Lodge installed their new Worshipful Master, Stephen K Tector, and Lodge officers for the ensuing year, making the night a particularly special one.

Over 60 Freemasons attended the celebrations, including the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, David F Macey, together with other dignitaries from both Grand Lodge and Warwickshire Provincial Grand Lodge. Also present were: representatives from the Lodge of Happiness No. 5353, who travelled up from London, together with one of the two remaining founder members who travelled down from Cumbria. In total some 46 visiting brethren were present.

During the Lodge meeting itself, members were treated to a reflection on events from 1964 by the Provincial Grand Master. He also presented Brother Colin Bennett, the Lodge’s newest Master Mason, with his Grand Lodge certificate. Members also heard about the Lodge website’s success in attracting potential candidates and enquiries about joining the Freemasons. Colin joined the Lodge of Happiness in 2011. Follow these links if you would like to find out how to be a Freemason and join our Lodge.

At the festive board after the Lodge meeting, the entertainment and tributes continued, with everyone having a thoroughly enjoyable dinner and evening of fellowship.

The next milestone for the Lodge of Happiness is their 50th anniversary year in 2014. Preparations for events in 2014 have already started.

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