Whilst hits is a rather nebulous and imprecise way of measuring a website’s performance, it was still gratifying to see that our site passed the 1 million hits mark on Wednesday. 1 million is a big number in anybodies money.

Oh more interest is the fact that our site now averages over 100 visitors a day. Since our launch we have had over 37,000 visits. Hitting the 40,000 visits mark is now only a few weeks away. However, success for us is measured in interest and enquiries. Both of which remain high and by the spring we will have initiated our first clutch of website candidates.

If you are interested in find out what a Freemason does or how to be a Freemason we have plenty of content to help you. If you are interested in joining the Freemasons and our Lodge in particular then please contact us for more information.



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