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The Lodge of Happiness is a Freemasons Lodge which meets near the centre of Birmingham (see directions) on the 1st Thursday in September, January & May; the 2nd Wednesday in October and April; and the 2nd Thursday in December. Our meetings take place from around 6pm until 7:30pm. These times can vary, depending on the order of business and the complexity of the ceremony involved.

What is a Lodge? Freemason Lodges are the basic organisation in Freemasonry. They are collectively governed by Grand Lodges and or Provincial Grand Lodges for the area in which they reside. In our case we are governed by Warwickshire Provincial Grand Lodge under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England. A Lodge Room is the room where the lodge(s) hold their lodge meetings, housed within a Masonic Temple – symbolically echoing King Solomon’s Temple. The ‘Lodge’ is where Freemasons practice their Freemasonry, learning moral and ethical values through allegory and symbolic plays, called ritual – defined as a set of actions performed mainly for their symbolic value. (More information can be found on our What is a Freemason and What is Freemasonry pages.)

Our members are drawn from Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands conurbation. One of our Brethren lives in France – so joining or visiting our lodge must be worthwhile! We are true to our name – you won’t find a happier place to join the Freemasons.

View from Lion Rock - Piha Beach, NZ
Panoramic view from Lion Rock – Piha Beach, NZ

The emblem on our banner is of Piha Beach, in New Zealand – symbolizing a delightful haven of happiness. The story behind our banner is on our History page. Piha Beach
A video of Piha beach.

Following every formal Lodge meeting we enjoy a meal with toasts and a few speeches. It’s a convivial environment where the brethren can spend an enjoyable evening amongst friends.

On the Thursday following every Lodge meeting, we have an Officers meeting where the day to day running of the Lodge is discussed. This is followed by a Lodge of Instruction aimed at teaching the Brethren about our ceremonies, procedures and traditions. Many of the brethren have been known to arrive early for a drink with sausage, egg and chips in the Buttery Bar.

A Lodge of Rehearsal is normally held on the Monday preceding each Lodge meeting.

We enjoy a ‘Ladies and Guests’ dinner, a summer BBQ, curry nights, open evenings and other social events throughout the year, all involving family and friends.

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No. 7952
Est. 1964

Tel: 0845 474 7952 Address: Severn Street Masonic Hall, 60 Severn Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 1QG.
You won't find a happier place to join a lodge and be a Freemason.

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